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human lace wigs

Meet Chami, the passionate owner and founder of Serenity Wig Salon. With over a decade of personal experience wearing wigs, she intimately understands their transformative power. As a skilled cosmetologist, Chami combines her expertise with her own journey to provide exceptional service to clients seeking wigs. Beyond her professional achievements, she embraces her roles as a wife and mother to four children.  Her compassion and cosmetology expertise ensure that each client receives the highest level of care and attention. We are grateful to have Chami as the driving force behind Serenity Wig Salon.

Meet Liv, Creative Director at Serenity Wig Salon. With a diverse skill set and a passion for all things creative, Liv seamlessly wears many hats within the salon. Her journey into the world of wigs was deeply influenced by a close friend's struggle with alopecia, igniting her interest and empathy for those seeking hair loss solutions. Inspired by her grandfather, who opened his own beauty salon after emmigrating from Italy, Liv's childhood fascination with hair propelled her passion for the beauty industry. With a graphic design degree from Pratt Institute, Liv's artistic flair and design expertise beautifully complement her love for hairstyling and wig artistry.


Meet Cassie, an expert in facial services and a valued member of our team at Serenity Wig Salon. With a business degree from Duquesne University, Cassie brings a wealth of knowledge and a professional approach to her role as an esthetician. Her personal journey with alopecia has fueled her empathy and compassion for clients facing similar challenges.  In addition to her career, Cassie is a dedicated mother to her son, Lincoln, and her commitment to both her family and profession is truly remarkable. Inspired by her own resilience during her hair loss journey, Cassie now uplifts and empowers others as she helps them navigate their own experiences.

Introducing Polina, a dedicated manager at Serenity Wig Salon with a business degree from the University of Pittsburgh and extensive experience in the beauty industry. As a member of the Jewish community, Polina's understanding of the significance of wigs as religious head coverings drives her passion for providing exceptional service and support to clients. Her personal connection to the world of wigs, coupled with her love for music, particularly Taylor Swift, showcases her appreciation for creativity and self-expression.  Under Polina’s management, Serenity Wig Salon continues to offer outstanding care and service, creating a warm and welcoming environment for our clients.


Let me introduce you to Shterna, a talented and dedicated member of our team at Serenity Wig Salon. With expertise in wigs and ongoing studies in cosmetology, Shterna's passion for her craft is unparalleled. Growing up in Connecticut within an Orthodox Jewish community where wigs hold religious significance, she possesses a deep understanding of their impact on individuals' lives. We are truly fortunate to have Shterna on our team, as her commitment to excellence and artistic vision elevates the service we provide at Serenity Wig Salon.

Introducing Carolyn, a talented member of our team at Serenity Wig Salon. Originally from Washington State, her passion for fashion led her to Los Angeles where she studied theatre costuming. With a background in the museum world, Carolyn specializes in restoring historic garments and creating custom forms for precious items. Her exceptional skill lies in recreating historical hairstyles through intricately crafted "paper wigs," showcasing her artistic vision and attention to detail. As an accomplished seamstress, Carolyn also tailors caps with precision, ensuring the perfect fit for our customers. Her love for history, fashion, and craftsmanship shines through in her work, making her an invaluable asset to our salon.


Meet Shaina, our wig stylist at Serenity Wig Salon. Originally from Montreal, Shaina brings a special  je ne sais quoi to our styling team. Trained directly by the salon's owner, Chami, she has cultivated her skills under the guidance of a seasoned expert. Beyond her expertise, Shaina is known for her warm and inviting personality. Her move to the salon was not just a change in location but a seamless transition into creating an atmosphere where everyone feels at ease. Shaina has a knack for making conversations enjoyable, ensuring that every client feels comfortable and welcome.

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