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We are thrilled to partner Obagi Medical®, a leading professional-grade skincare line renowned for its clinically proven results. At our spa, we are committed to delivering the utmost quality in both products and care. With the addition of Obagi®, we ensure that our clients receive top-tier skincare solutions backed by scientific research and expertise. From rejuvenating treatments to personalized consultations, we are dedicated to enhancing your beauty and confidence with the highest standards of excellence. Welcome to a new era of skincare excellence at our spa, where quality meets care.

Mud Spa

At our wig salon, we recognize that hair loss can stem from various reasons, including medical conditions such as chemotherapy, autoimmune diseases, medication interactions, or even pregnancy. We understand that individuals facing these challenges may often feel excluded from traditional spa and facial services due to concerns about interacting with skincare chemicals. That's why we proudly offer Farmhouse Fresh professional skincare—a completely natural line that doesn't interfere with any medical issues. When you visit us, simply ask for our chemical-free skincare options if you're experiencing any of these conditions. While we always recommend our medical-grade line for those without specific concerns, we strive to create an inclusive space where everyone can feel comfortable and embraced, regardless of their health journey.

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