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Licensed Cosmetologist

As a wig stylist, you work in a wig retail store or salon assisting each customer with choosing, cutting, and styling their ideal wig. Your responsibilities are to assist with wig sales, help customers select a wig that suits their style and color preferences, and cut, color, and style wigs for customers, if necessary. You may also host consultations with clients to learn more about their needs and preferences before assisting them with shopping, arrange wigs for display or fitting, and prepare each customer’s natural hair and scalp for fitting. These positions can be part-time or full-time.

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Maintains supplies by checking stock; anticipating needs; placing orders; verifying receipt.

  • Prepares hair and wigs for styling by analyzing hair condition; shampooing and treating hair.

  • Colors, cuts, designs and washes hair and wigs

  • Plans desired effect by studying facial features; examining potential styles; conferring with customer; making recommendations.

  • Produces desired effect by arranging, shaping, curling, cutting, trimming, setting, bleaching, dyeing, and tinting hair and/or wigs.

  • Maintains quality service by following organization standards.

  • Maintains safe and healthy conditions by following organization standards and legal regulations.

  • Obtains revenue by recording or collecting charges.

  • Cares for and sells wigs and hairpieces.

  • Performs business tasks, such as answering phones and making appointments.

  • Takes before and after photos of clients and wigs

  • Keeps work area and equipment clean and sanitary.


  • A High School diploma or equivalent.

  • A state license.

  • Excellent customer service, listening, and communication skills.

  • Strong creative ability and attention to detail.

  • A willingness to engage in further education.

  • Dexterity in hands and fingers.

  • High potential and energetic individual

  • Background check required


Punctuality, Supply Management, Analyzing Information, Customer Focus, Client Relationships, Organization, Creativity, Attention to Detail, Confidentiality, Professionalism, Verbal Communication, Team Player

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